We Care. We Give. We Help.

There are times, such as a health crisis, natural disaster or other unforeseeable emergency, when we need to unite to help our friends and colleagues. Sometimes, the greatest assistance comes from people we don’t even know.

Itron has always given to the community and looked after the needs of its employees. Sometimes that isn’t enough. If a coworker needs assistance, it’s easy to ask your fellow colleagues to lend a hand. As the company has grown, it’s not quite as easy to ask the person in the office next door, yet the same compassion exists globally. The inspiration for the foundation was sparked when an Itron colleague was diagnosed with Leukemia. There was an overwhelming response of generosity from people who had never met or known this person. It was a heartwarming experience. A year later, another employee was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Once again, Itron employees rallied to donate funds without knowing anything more than help was needed.

No doubt there are dozens of local situations where individuals could have used extra help from beyond their own plant or office. The Itron Employee Emergency Foundation (IEEF) was established in the United States and Canada to build on our already existing spirit of generosity and goodwill, and to provide the means to include members of the Itron family.

Powered By Caring

In 2020 we processed 6 direct grant requests, 34 matching grant requests and 6 food grant pilot program. More than 600 employees contributed over $37,000 to the IEEF through payroll deduction, events and one-time gifts and spare change. Itron matched more than $33,000 of those donations. Below are some of our highlights from 2020. Learn more from our 2020 Annual Report.