The Itron Employee Emergency Foundation (IEEF) is a nonprofit organization directed and funded by Itron employees making a positive difference in the lives of Itron employees by providing assistance for unexpected emergencies that lead to financial hardship.

A representative from each of Itron’s major North American facilities sits on the IEEF Board of Directors. The IEEF is endorsed by Itron’s Executive Team. The IEEF has been fully operational since January 2007. All Board members volunteer their time and are not compensated in any way.

How the IEEF Can Help

All Itron employees working full-time (temporary and regular) in the U.S. and Canada are eligible for assistance from the Foundation whether or not they have previously contributed to the IEEF.

The IEEF provides direct and matching financial grants to eligible Itron employees that meet qualifying circumstances. The maximum amount awarded for an employee per emergency is $10,000 for direct grants and $5,000 for matching grants. For more information, visit the Direct Grants and Matching Grants pages.

Employee Testimonials