Food Grant

Itron prioritizes its people. Following a proud history of community involvement, Itron has also enabled the creation of the IEEF. Undoubtably, there are dozens of local situations where individuals could use extra financial help. The IEEF was established to build on our existing spirit of generosity and goodwill and to provide the means to include all members of the Itron family, regardless of location. That is why to continue our commitment to serving our Itron community and the hardships they face, we have launched the Emergency Food Grant program.

The IEEF can, at its discretion, award a full-time Itron employee an Emergency Food Grant. An Itron employee in need of emergency food help is eligible to apply once per year. Emergency Food Grant value is based on household size ($50 for individual, $100 for couple, $150 for family of 3, or $200 for family of 4 or more). Household size subject to verification by HR.

In 2016, the IEEF launched the food grant pilot program in Owenton, Kentucky and fulfilled 11 food grants, for a total of $1,750. Because of the pilot program’s success, the IEEF has now rolled out the Emergency Food Grant program to our sites in Waseca, Minnesota and Oconee, South Carolina.

Submit the completed Emergency Food Grant Application Form to or deliver to your local IEEF Board Member.